Bigeloil Liquid Gel Liniment 14 oz.
$ 14.99

Bigeloil Liquid Gel Liniment has the same unique Bigeloil formula that acts as a highly effective rub that refreshes and invigorates sore muscles. This fast-acting gel is very convenient and it allows for controlled application in treating localized pain.

  • Effective rub that heals, refreshes, and invigorates sore muscles
  • Reduces soreness from fatigue or strain
  • Stimulates superficial circulation
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial properties
  • 14 ounce bottle of gel with flip-top
Active Ingredients:
Menthol 2% W/W

Also Contains:

Can be used before, during and after competition. Can also be used on dogs.

For temporary relief of minor pain, swelling from sprains, strains, bruises, arthritis, overworked muscle and minor wounds.

Directions For Use:
Rub onto the area 3 to 4 times a day. For faster relief, rub with hair and wrap or blanket. For minor cuts and scrapes apply without rubbing.